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Feb 09

Should Brandon Roy come back

By taranman180 Posted in: BrandonRoy, LaMarcusAldridge
We all had hopes for Brandon Roy, the next Kobe Bryant who could play in the 4th quarter, but what do we do with him knowing he will never be 100%. Theres not much to do with him knowing he is nearly untradeable, but what about him starting to play with the blazers agian, starting on saturday (friday is to soon) or another day, does Portland take the risk, we seem to be flowing smoothley without him. Our team chemestry has never been better and our players seem to love hanging out with each other regardless of being a half game ahead of Memphis for the final playoff spot.
 Of course you play him, not only because you gave him a max contract so you must play him but where else would this team go (playoff wise), of course we all love Lamarcus Aldridge stepping up and playing like an all star but where is this team headed, an 8th seed finish and 4 straight losses to send us to an early vacation, so we should play him. we must try anything to improve our standing in the west or make a deaper playoff run so we not only should play him, but most, i mean be honest, where do you think our team is headed?


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