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Feb 09

Nicolas Batum-Untouchable

By dancegirl Posted in: Blazers, Bulls, Cavaliers, LaMarcusAldridge, NicolasBatum
Ok, I am really glad that last night, Mike Barret and Mike Rice mentioned that Nicolas Batum is basicly untouchable-that he isn't going to be traded...possibly ever.  I'm really glad because he is my favorite Blazer, and I think that he plays really well (except when he's wide open, and he doesn't call for it...and all the action takes place on the other side of the court....oh well)  I mean, in the game against the Cavs, he made 5 FOR 6 THREE POINTERS!!!!  I MEAN, THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!  I also liked that one shot where LA put up a layup, tipped it in, had to tip it in again, caught the rebound, and then dunked it (this was at the Bulls game last night)  GO BLAZERS!!!  VAMOS, RUDY!!!!!  ALLONS, BATUM!!!!!!
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