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Feb 04

snubbed or not....

By jamie (guy) Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
I feel LA got snubbed, but in fairness you cant really stress. One think you wanna look at is rip city should be use to it. Buts it hard to stomache, there is one last chance for LA to get in, the all star injury replacement. If snubbed again, i feel the fans will be in a up roar, this city follows this team, the fans are almost the heart of this team. I know players are suppose to be, but when you think about when players say this is a scary place to play, when the team is down and trailing in the fourth; who pumps them up, who screams and leaves there voice gone for the next three days, the fans. So for this, this will be a huge blow, not only for LA, but for the fans who already feel with the injury bug and with the refs, we get the most slack giving to us. The fans need LA to go to LA, this team has so much going wrong that we almost need something positive to in some ways make up for this curse. If not, this city wont be bummed, it will be pissed...........


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