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Feb 03


By Mrs. Fernandez Posted in: AndreMiller, Blazers, LaMarcusAldridge
WTF?!?!?!?! Why did LaMarcus Aldridge not get the All-Stars? Brandon Roy is our so called "All-Star", and he's not doing as excellent as LA is doing for us right now. Look at that game against the Spurs the other night (which I attended)! He got his career high and record of forty points in the game. He's been averaging 21.3 points and 9.0 rebounds. That's better than Durant, who is averaging 13.6 points and 9.4 rebounds. As well as Gasol, who's averaging 18.4 points and 10.6 rebounds.

So let's get this straight, our dear LaMarcus Aldridge is doing better than two of the other players selected for the All-Stars, and he's doing better than our current All-Star Brandon Roy, yet he doesn't make the All-Stars? I don't see how this makes sense. And it seems that LaMarcus understands and he's okay with it. The same can not be said for Andre Miller.

Andre on the other hand was upset. He, as do most Portland Trail Blazer fans, I presume, believed that he should've made the All-Stars. Miller asked LaMarcus about it, and when LA told him the news, Miller was unhappy. He was confused as to why he didn't make it, yet Blake Griffin had.

I think we all remember what happened between Blake Griffin and Andre Miller. If not, here's a refreshment: during a home game on December 6, 2010, Blake Griffin knocked Andre Miller down on his back, while Andre was on the ground Blake Griffin jumped on Andre Miller's shins. Both were given a one day suspension and not aloud to play for the rest of the game. This ruined Andre Miller's game streak of 632 games. If anybody wants to argue about what happened, you're free to say something, but I attended this game, so I don't think you'll be arguing about it. We're also all hard core Trail Blazer fans, so I don't believe anyone would take Griffin's side, especially the people who were at the game.

Miller believes that they let Griffin in because he's young. It's his rookie year, "... but they are giving these young guys too much respect..." was part of his argument. He also argued that LeBron James did not make the All-Stars in his rookie year.

But back to the original theme. LaMarcus definitely deserved to be on the All-Star team this year. It's totally unfair that our man didn't make the All-Stars. How come Portland doesn't get any love? We're a great team, but it's as if we have to work twice as hard to get as much respect and love as the other teams in the NBA.

LaMarcus, know that you're always an All-Star in all of the Portland Trail Blazer fans eyes, honey. Even all the fans who have different favorites. I honestly am in love with Rudy Fernandez. Some love Nicolas Batum, some Andre Miller... But we all love you just as much as you're the All-Star to us. No matter who our favorite is, you are the All-Star to us. You have carried the game upon your shoulders many times. Last year, when most of our players were out, you and Andre were taking care of business. When we lost most of the team, won fifty games, and made it to the playoffs. Aldridge, honey, don't let them tell you you're not an All-Star, because you ARE an All-Star, and if they didn't vote you, they're just haters.

You're L-TRAIN!!!!! You're the best player our team has. You're better than Roy (Roy, love ya, but it's true), you deserve the All-Star hun! So no matter what they say, YOU ARE THE ALL-STAR!!!



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