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Feb 03

longing for the return of blazermania

By oregongal47 view (TG)
I hear from fans who are new to this team in the last ten years or so and they ask when will blazermania return to this city?  I say when this team gets smoking hot and gets out of the second round...First off before I go any further let me explain what blazermania is and what I have witnessed having seen it first hand myself.  I long for it too...

First off it is a whole community going totally apes for this team and there is no mistaking this town is behind the team. I remember at its height was 1990 when clyde,terry,jerome, buck and duck played for the blazers and we made it to the finals.  First off it is signs hanging from buildings from the banfield, signs in windows, seeing blazer gear everywhere.  People stopping strangers to talk about this team and our hopes.  The rose garden going totally bananas.  people calling into talk shows and going nuts.  It is a town uniting under a team that truly loves it blazers.  I tell you it is not here yet some thought it was here when the blazers held the pep rally in 09 it was close but not quite....let me explain further memories...

I remember hearing of hundreds of people going out to hillsboro to meet the blazer one team plane in hillsboro in the middle of the night after beating phx to make it to the nba finals. I mean people cheering the team on and holding signs and just showing love...your talking as that team got further the bigger the crowd.  Your talking people watching the game in memorial col as well as the rose garden during away games in teh play offs.  I mean it is an attitude and feel that you know this town is into it.  My fave rivalry that is fun is when we played la in west conf finals and you saw beat la signs all over town. if you wore a laker shirt in this town during that time you better pray someone does not harm you.  We take our blazers even more serious in the play offs....

will this be the year it happens?  I hope so as this would be a great storyline and you know this town would really go crazy knowing what this team has faced with injuries.  I can only hope we will be the team im dubbing the miracle on hardwood floor team.  I think this team is a miracle so far and I love how they have united...it is getting me into blazermania and hopefully it catches on further.  here is to the return of true blazermania....


  1. I want to go!

    by Justin.Molter on 2/3/2011 7:18 PM
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