Feb 02

Schedule Needs to Be Fixed

By blazerdarren77
  Okay NBA, we get it. You're not friendly in scheduling the Blazers brutal games that wear us out. Case in point? Both games in Denver were on the second night of a back-to-back. Not to mention that the teams that we played were solid play-off teams. It first happened on Dec. 27 & 28. First they had to play in Utah. Not an easy place to play to begin with. But our guys pulled off the win. Problem is that they expended so much energy that they wore out by the half in Denver. Now on Tuesday, they had a home game against San Antonio, just a measly team with the best record in the NBA. Yet they pulled out an impressive win. The next night they're back in Denver, give all they got, but tire out in the 4th quarter.

   With Denver's high altitude, that can take a toll on a person's conditioning. Try playing there after playing the night before. Would you want to do that on a regular basis? I don't think so. We know you guys (the NBA suits) have it in for the Blazers, but do you have to be THAT obvious? Can't you be a little more subtle in your disdain for them? Or do we as fans have to go to that website so you can't probe our brains? (yes such a website does exist) So, if you David Stern puppets want to be 'fair' in your scheduling, I have a couple of suggestions for next year: 

1. Make it mandatory for all of the NBA teams play in Denver on the second night of a back-to-back. Each team from the Western Conference that play there twice are only allowed to be scheduled once.
2. Denver should either play a road game the night before or the night after these kind of games are scheduled to their opponents. Let's see how they adjust to the altitude change on these kind of nights. 

  This isn't hard to do. It's fair and every team has to deal with the balance of the NBA schedule. If you want your league to thrive even more, take a lesson from the NFL and see how fair their schedule process is. It will do you a lot of good and your ratings will improve tremendously. After all, that's what you guys are after, isn't it? Okay, for the time being, I will put my tinfoil hat back on.


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