Feb 02

I Feel Good Vibes This Week

By blazerdarren77
  Have you ever got the feeling that when you wake up you're going to have a great day? You can't explain it but it just feels right. You don't know what will happen, but something big is going to make your day. What about for the whole week? Impossible? Perhaps, but I'm sure feeling it like a big week is ahead for us as Blazer fans.
  For me, it started yesterday. I got home from work, checked my e-mail, Blazer page, etc. I went to and checked my streak-for-the-cash status. Eh! I scroll down to the Blazer-Spur match-up. Nearly 98% of the nation selected San Antonio to win. Normally I go with the majority to enhance my chances of building a win streak, but NOT against the Blazers! Generally I will pass on it, but this time I confidently pick our Blazers. I leave to go do my activities (which meant I couldn't follow the game) come home and check the score and lo and behold the Blazers win! Yes! It just felt right to do so. Something inside me said to do it and I listened. Boy I'm glad I did.
  I feel this isn't just a one day thing. I believe this will snowball for the whole week for the Blazers. Does this mean that they will win all of their games on the road this week? Will LaMarcus be selected to the all-star game? Will the news of Brandon or Marcus returning sooner than expected happen? I don't know. Maybe all these will happen, maybe not. All I know is that this is going to be a great week to be a Blazer fan. I just feel it. Do you?


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