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Jan 31

Next Game: Getting Aggressive

By begonza
In the next game with the Spurs, Nate is setting the platform for the Blazer team, I can see that very clearly.

When playing against a much better team, some questions are worth repeating. I always tell this to my son who competed in sparring matches and also games like basketball and soccer. I tell him to bring out your best, you got to give it a shot and make that shot count. Just ask yourself: he's just a human being like you, he's not made of steel or has a computer chip implanted in his brain. There is nothing that will prevent you from taking the gold or winning that game, just go through the moves you learned and execute above and beyond them.

When you try, you have to move with determination, not with hesitation. You have to believe in yourself. You have to remove all things that will stop you from making that shot. Make it in your mind first, then execute, believe and act. And when these moves are made and last second has passed, make sure you made it your best shot. 

Because in the end, it's all that matter.
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  1. Agreed begonza. We have to bring all we have tonight and execute!

    by sarahhecht on 2/1/2011 10:41 AM
  2. Yessss! nice...good win by the Blazers. We were at the Rose Garden watching the game live. It was good seeing them play with so much confidence.

    by begonza on 2/1/2011 11:44 PM
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