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Jan 31

my ideal all star game

By jamie (guy)
i have a weird idea for the all star selections, yes fans should have a vote but in some years it has been riduculous, the vince carter injury over jordan debocule, and this year and yao ming. i have a different way to go, take the top 8 teams in the playoffs race; right now being, spurs, lakers, dallas, thunder, hornets, nuggets, jazz and last but not least the blazers, the first four temas send two players so manu, duncan; kobe pau; dirk used to be butler but now maybe terry; westbrook durant; then one player for the last 4 teams, paul; melo; williams; and lamarcus. this eliminates the trouble of players with losing records getting in, if you dont make the top five, then you get the injury exception rule, where if a player named to the all star game has become injured prior to the game the lower teams send a player in named by stern. this way no conversation about well my stats are better then your, this is a team sport, and if your team is doing good enough why should we send you in? you should spend that time getting rest anyways and figuring out how to trade to get into playoffs not dancing and and partying in LA. you have nothing to celebrate, your not in the playoff hunt and you lose almost every night, improve your team not your stat line.....
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  1. Wow, that's a radical change.

    I'm opposed to this idea. As wild as fan voting can get sometimes, it's one of the nuances that makes being a starter even more special. FANS voted you in.

    As for the losing teams not getting to send anyone... No way on that too. Bad teams get to draft great players. It takes time to rebuild a team as a top pick, and sometimes it never happens. Should those players be left out? Blake Griffin deserves to be an All-Star, even if he is a rookie. He's a beast. You shouldn't be shunned just because your team sucks. If you can overcome the stigma of a losing team and catch the eyes of fans and coaches with you're play then you deserve a shot.

    by sarahhecht on 1/31/2011 2:34 PM
  2. yeah i think that to but just think, liek kevin love, yes you get 30,30, but your maybe 10 wins, you pad up your stats but do you make your team much better, do you help your team, you make great stats but do you have anyone to help you out, i think W's count, im nto saying chnage it but some times i think the fan voting is a joke at times, i bet if yao ming retires in the begining of the next season and his name is left on the all star ballot he will be voted in, and its liek seriously hes done but oh well the dunk contest is gona suck, three point contest ehhhh rookie sophmore ok all star if im home and nothign else good on tv ill watch it, i wonder if LA makes it will you have a chat, that be interesting

    by jamie (guy) on 1/31/2011 3:23 PM
  3. that's certainly interesting, Jamie. i don't know if your solution is viable though. i do think there should be a formula which gives an advantage to players whose teams are on the winning side of the standings, but i don't think it can be narrowed down to that. Sarah is correct to a point; part of being voted by the fans are what makes it special. however, we all know that if a player plays in a city with a four-million-plus population, they're going to get more fan votes than a player whose home city is right around 600,000. i get that it's an all-"star" game, but should that really mean that some of the best players are burned by uneven population fan votes? i'd say no to that. the way the current system is set, you're not always going to see the best players on the team. that's a fact. the nba only wants the players which it thinks will make the most money for the league through television, et al. if an average or even mediocre player draw huge fan support, he would make the team because that's what the nba wants. what i would like to see is the best players from each of the five positions be selected, rather than in the west this year where the starting lineup will feature two small forwards. if a player can play multiple positions, then they should be allowed to be eligible at either position. for instance, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are great small forwards, but neither can play power forward. now, take a look at LaMarcus' situation. he is a pf who plays nearly half his time on the court at center. he can play both and he has success at both positions. a player like LaMarcus should be eligible to play in the all star game at either posiiton. of course, the league probably doesn't think a guy from a market the size of portland's is all-star worthy (around here we all know differently). the system needs to be tweaked majorly, but i'm not sold on the automatic idea of a certain number of players from each team qualifying just because of their record or standing. interesting idea though.

    by Kassandra on 1/31/2011 4:13 PM
  4. I agree with Kassandra on the individual position voting. I don't know how, but ideally, 1 Starter and 1 Reserve chosen for each position based solely on merit..then pure fan picks for an additional few reserve spots would be the best way to fill the All Star game.

    by kaveeks on 1/31/2011 6:55 PM
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