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Jan 31

My turn now...

By Randy.Lauer
I love the fact that we live in a very vocal, opinion driven time of information where any person with an internet connection can type their views out for the world to read. And for some (me included), it offers the sense of value. Sometimes an illusion but still, the gratification is there. It leads to the feeling that our thoughts matter just as much as the thoughts of those who are making a living doing the very same thing.

So now, now its my turn. The team at the Trail Blazers have given fans like me, like us, an outlet to be heard... now its my turn. It's my turn to talk about how long ive been a Blazer fan. Its my turn to talk about my first memories of the Blazers and how they involved my dad taking my family to as many games as possible to share in his love for our team. Its my turn to talk about how ive tried over the past 5 years to give my son the very same memories. Its my turn to talk about how the past decade has been a roller coaster ride with what seems like more downs then ups. Its my turn to propose questions of topics like, "What exactly is going WRONG/RIGHT with our team?" and, "Is there a Pritchard curse?" or, "Who does our strength and conditioning staff actually consist of?" or, "Are these problems the same problems that other one sport cities deal with and the only reason why it seems like a huge deal is because we only have our Portland Trail Blazers to focus and obsess over?" Its also my turn to be controversial and to ruffle feathers.

So now, now its my turn to not be the first and definitely not the last to say thank you for Portland Trail Blazers for this outlet and... RIP CITY FOREVER!!!


  1. Thank you Randy! It is your turn and I look forward to reading all you have to say.

    Welcome to the Bloggers Network!

    by sarahhecht on 1/31/2011 2:04 PM
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