Jan 30

Our Fan Site is the BEST!

By blazerdarren77
  With the new edition of the Bloggers Network, I went to all the other 29 teams sites to find out how they get their fans involved and I must say, none of them go above and beyond the way the Blazers organization does. I have to admit though, a couple of franchises did impress me with their promos and fan interaction.
  The Dallas Mavericks have a site called where fans can post their own blogs and they can e-mail a Maverick player. I wasn't really surprised at this because of how tech savvy owner Mark Cuban is. His passion for his team is well documented and he is willing to use his resources to make his franchise a proud fan base. I wouldn't be surprised if they follow suit and have a web tv site like ours. It's just that we're ahead of the curve and the kinks are being ironed out and it will be that much better.
  A few other franchises also have a site similar to Phoenix's site is call Planet orange. Toronto fan site is Utah has a site call UJ360. Like the blazersfan page, you have to have a member name and password. Let me say this; these pages are very generic and don't have the pizazz that we have.
  The other franchise that interested me was OKC. They have a Thunder Rewards Zone. If you show up 3 hours before tip-off you can sign up for game tickets. An hour before tip they raffle 25 pair of tickets for free. After the raffle is over, they open up 75 pair for only $10 and is available for the first 75 fans that show up in line for the raffle. If the Blazers did something like this, the Rose Quarter would be packed like a play-off rally at Pioneer Square.
  So when you watch an NBA game and a player or coach say they have the best fans in the  world, don't believe it. It's just lips service. When a Blazer player or say the same thing, it is so true. And if someone disagrees with that Blazer, you can just tell them to go to the websites of all NBA teams and say, "SCOREBOARD!"


  1. I've been curious about other teams' fan sites also, and have visited a few. I think the Blazers' interactive media and tech crews are doing an amazing job. (Yes, you may quote me.)

    I'm prepared to be patient --well, most days-- re: tech glitches but I really hope some significant person hours can be devoted to simplifying site navigation. Y'all are moving too fast to keep up with yourselves.

    by occassia on 1/30/2011 4:00 PM
  2. Thanks for the props Sholes! We do our best and if there's anything you think that could be improved or that we are slipping on, feel free to shoot us a note. Rip City!

    by DHawes22 on 2/3/2011 2:53 PM
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