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Jan 29

Ok, so I've noticed that on the games that are shown on TNT, we're always considered a worse team!  I mean, with the Celtics game last night, it was "Celtics this" and "Celtics that", and Portland was considered to be less important, less...I don't know, I guess that the TNT announcers treat the other teams better than us....and I (being a devoted Blazer fan) hate that.
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  1. you're not alone in what you've noticed. it seems like even when we play a team with a lessor record (i.e. the clippers), we're still considered the back-burner team on both tnt and espn. i guess they're just following the lead of the commissioner and league office.

    by Kassandra on 1/29/2011 6:52 PM
  2. yah...we were watching the Celtics game last night, and my mom repeatedly kept saying "I hate the TNT announcers". I agree though, we're always considered the worser team. (i love mike barret and mike rice, though! :) )

    by dancegirl on 1/29/2011 7:04 PM
  3. that's why i prefer to mute the east coast bias announcers and listen to Wheels and Tone.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/29/2011 9:20 PM
  4. hehe...i haven't done that before....

    by dancegirl on 1/31/2011 5:51 PM
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