Jan 29

Spelling Schmelling, Patty Mills Steals the Show With Hugs and Photos

By sarahhecht Posted in: PattyMills
Is it possible for Patty Mills to fly under the radar? Apparently not.

Patty spent his Friday night at the Portland Art Museum as a participant in The OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee. He flexed his knowledge muscles against other local celebs raising money for the organization Schoolhouse Supplies.

Following dinner and looking dapper in a tan suit, Patty took the stage.

“Gnat” was the first word. Patty skillfully beat out KGW meteorologist Nick Allard to move to the second round. That’s when the night started getting interesting.

Patty’s next challenge was the word “sonata.” As he navigated the term the crowd gave him some encouragement. “I was like S, and then everyone around in the crowd was going like this [making a giant “O” above their heads with their arms] and I was like [makes the University of Oregon “O” with his hands] and everyone gave me a big cheer, I was like yyyeeeeaaaahhhh!”

After working his way into the third round Patty bowed out gracefully on the word “homburg.” He spelled the German hat like the German city. “They said Germany... E.. U... they’re both German,” said Patty. Makes sense.

The night didn’t end there for Patty. While saying goodbye and heading for the door Lisa Sedlar, another contestant, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“She went onto the microphone and said, ‘Alright, this is for my guy Patty Mills. If he will sign my name label and have a photo with my friend I will donate another,’ I think she said a thousand,” said Mills. “I was like oh wow and I went and was crossing the stage and I got up on the stage and was like, will you come on the stage and then we’ll have a photo. And I thought it was one and done but twenty minutes later...”

Twenty minutes later Patty had raised an additional twelve hundred dollars. Fans from the crowd donated a hundred dollars for a hug and a photo with Patty. “Twelve hundred just from hugs and photos,” said a smiling Patty.

It’s not just the court where Patty’s effervescent personality is leaving it’s mark. Portland classrooms are reaping the benefits as well. Thanks Stacks.

(Photo courtesy of Joni Shimabukuro)


  1. Patty is hilarious; there's no doubt to me that he stole the show. he really has endeared himself to the community. what a great personality!

    by Kassandra on 1/29/2011 6:31 PM
  2. Not the quite the #blazersinsuits moment I thought I caught out of the corner of my eye, but Patty is indeed one of the team's most outstanding assets --above and well beyond his skills on the court.

    by occassia on 1/29/2011 6:55 PM
  3. Patty has quickly become one of my favorite Blazers. His team-first attitude, his enthusiasm and his smile are infectious. I think he's filled the hole of emotional leader that Pendy left open when he was released. To read about his involvement with the community endears me even more to him. Now if only he could hit that 3 pointer with more consistency....

    by Storyteller on 1/29/2011 7:34 PM
  4. Storyteller, I completely agree that Patty's filled the emotional hole that Pendy left. With the ups and downs this year that role has been invaluable.

    On the 3-pointer... He's been working on it at practice A TON. I'm sure we'll see him rock it consistently soon :)

    Lastly, I'm excited to read your blogs! I love reading your work, I learn so much.

    by sarahhecht on 1/29/2011 7:39 PM
  5. I see Patty having a future in TV after basketball. He has the charisma and personality to make a basketball analyst(Rice can't go on forever)

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/29/2011 9:11 PM
  6. OK, I work at Onpoint and I never heard a word about this! I would've totally volunteered to help!

    by somanluna on 1/30/2011 10:50 AM
  7. Great article Sarah. Love the title!

    by DHawes22 on 1/30/2011 12:40 PM
  8. Great Blog! Love Patty his energy is contagious!

    by RedRudy5 on 1/30/2011 2:19 PM
  9. Patty's jacket is very Steve Erwin, may he rest in peace.

    by caseyholdahl on 1/31/2011 10:07 AM
  10. patty ıs very good player and young coach should gıve more mınutes

    by sunny on 2/1/2011 3:02 PM
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