Jan 27

tough stretch, celtics

By Kassandra
we've got a tough stretch of games coming up; the celtics tonight, then the spurs and nuggets, the latter of which being on the road.

as usual with this team, depth is going to be an issue. we just signed Chris Johnson of the nba's d-league to a 10-day contract so we do have an extra body to throw in there until Marcus returns, but we seem thin up front. we'll need a good effort from LaMarcus, as well as some dolid play from Joel and Dante'.

i think our best resource against the celtics will be the sg/pf guys -- Wesley, Nicolas and Rudyif at least two or even all three of them can get going, then we could give boston as much trouble as we did when we played at boston a couple months ago.

needless to say, it's going to take 48 minutes of basketball. no droughts. no slow starts. no halfway play.

as EowynAmarie said in the blazers-celtics game thread, the guys need to leave it all out there on the floor.

it took a Ray Allen three at the end of that first game for the celtics to win. this time, it's our turn. what do you think?

~ Kassandra
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