Jan 26

We Could Have Been the Boston Trailblazers

By blazerdarren77
  Back when the city was founded, there was a coin flip to determine the name of the Rose City. It was either going to be Portland, derived from Portland, ME or Boston(I guess they wanted a Boston on the West Coast, who knows) Of course, we know the result. But that got me to think, what if Boston was chosen? Would it still be the rose city? Would the population be bigger because of the name? Would there be more professional franchises like football or baseball( I'm talking NFL and MLB)?
  Most important, how relevant would the 'Boston' Trailblazers  be in the eyes of the league? Would there be more championship banners hanging in the rafters? Would we have more NBA hall of famers to brag about? Would we get better calls from the officiating? The possibilities are endless.
   One can only wonder from just a simple coin flip.
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