Jan 22

Basketball + Knee Injury = Most Dangerous Sport

By blazerdarren77
I went to webmd the other day and searched sports injuries/knees and found an article that listed basketball as the most dangerous sport for the knees. I was somewhat surprised because I thought there would be other sports that have a greater wear and tear on the knees. In fact cycling was the second most dangerous sport listed, then soccer and football. What, no track and field? Marathon didn't want anything to do with this study? Where's hockey? Volleyball's feeling left out. Oh well. I guess people really love to play hoops, so it comes with the territory.

So with all the injuries the teams has this season, we can take comfort in knowing that our team is playing the most dangerous sport when it comes to the wear and tear on the knees.


  1. Wish that made me feel better. >:/

    by occassia on 1/22/2011 1:01 PM
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