Jan 21

LMA for LA - a different look

By Kassandra
we all know of the debate surrounding the all-star game invitations and, while LaMarcus won't be voted by fans as a starter because of market size, he still can be voted in by the coaches.

the main competition for him would be Kevin Love of minnesota and Blake Griffin of the l.a. clippers. each are posting better rebounding averages on the season, but LaMarcus is right up there in scoring. however, here's a couple points which should be taken into account:

1. LaMarcus and the blazers have swept the season series over the clippers. given LaMarcus' numbers, this should cinch him over Griffin.

2. the same exact point. the blazers are 3-0 against minnesota and has had extremely good games against the timberwolves -- his best against any single opponent this season. this should cinch him over Love.

you could also look at overall records: portland 24-20, clippers 16-26, timberwolves 10-33. LaMarcus is leading his team to a plus-.500 record, while the others are not. plain and simple.

my point is that you can look at all the stats you want, but it's how you play head to head which should be the best indicator of who deserves the all-star invitation(s).

~ Kassandra
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  1. seems like we're preaching to the choir; we know it but the rest of the league doesn't. i do believe that aldridge should get the invite over love, but the way griffin has been marketed as the next big thing since sliced bread, he'll definitely get an invite.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/21/2011 11:01 PM
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