Jan 21

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By blazerdarren77 Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge

Around The World is a daily listing of every Trail Blazers and NBA link found on the internet. Included in today's topics are Barkley doesn't give LA an All-Star endorsement, Blazers overcome slow start to get 4th in a row, Oden discusses his future with the team, don't call LA a center, and more c
 It doesn't surprise me what Barkley says about who he thinks should be in the asg. He is who he is and he won't change a thing. But the fact that LA is helping his team win while Griffin and Love are on lousy teams who are just padding their stats is why LA should be picked above those two. Plus he's performed better than the two in head-to-head games, not to mention that the Blazers are 5-0 against Minn and LAC.


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