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Jan 21

Comcast Refugee?

By occassia Posted in: Blazers, comcast

There are 52 games this season which you can't see if you don't have Comcast. You're a Comcast refugee if you:

Can't afford cable, period.

Can't handle the recent rate hike, or the cost beyond basic for Sportsnet.

Live in an area not served by Comcast.

Subscribe to another provider such that it would be prohibitively difficult/expensive to switch.

Subscribe to another provider and live within 150 miles of Portland, even if you purchased the NBA League Pass.

Have experienced poor service with Comcast in the past and refuse to go back.

Object on principle to monopolistic business practices and won't submit to tyranny.

Over the first four years of their ten-year contract with the Blazers, Comcast has failed to reach agreement with either major satellite provider, and has kept rates too exorbitant for many smaller cable companies --despite contract provisions requiring them to expand access to Blazer programming.

And it's not only fans who are frustrated. Blazer president Larry Miller and US Senator Jeff Merkley have both written letters of concern to the Federal Communications Commission. This is an opportune time --with a proposed Comcast acquisition of NBC Universal in the offing-- to pressure them on defense.

Stay tuned to this channel for positive steps fans can take.

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  1. our cable co has comcast but i can't afford the package you have to obtain to get the channel but i enjoy it cause i can hear wheels and tone on radio and join in on the chats. stay a refugee and stay with the club.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/21/2011 4:22 PM
  2. Oh, I'm hanging around, no matter what. You guys are stuck with me. ;-) When the games are on KGW, I watch AND chat. If I can't get commentary from the Mikes, I stream Wheels and Tone.

    by occassia on 1/21/2011 6:03 PM
  3. The larger point is that less than one-third of Oregon households are Comcast subscribers. For the remainder, many can't get Comcast at all, particularly in rural areas, including significant parts of the larger metro region.

    by occassia on 1/21/2011 6:03 PM
  4. hey what is Wheels and Tone?

    by CaseyJones on 1/22/2011 1:02 PM
  5. i so agree i am going to try league pass tonight if it works im going to watch games from here on out til this is solved!

    by teresa galer on 1/22/2011 1:41 PM
  6. Casey, Brian Wheeler and Antonio Harvey are the Blazers' radio announcers. You can listen to them for most games via 95.5 on radio or online, or (less delayed) via the NBA Audio Pass online.

    by occassia on 1/22/2011 1:46 PM
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