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Jan 19

In Response to News Article, "Marcus Camby To Undergo Surgery"

By bigblazerfan101

Portland Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby will undergo arthroscopic surgery later this week to repair a partial medial meniscus tear in his left knee, it was announced today by General Manager Rich Cho.

With our team down to barely enough players to field the team night in and night out, this injury to Marcus appears to place additional pressure on Rich Cho to bring another big man to shore up the middle. Camby's value as a highly skilled shot blocking and rebounding player can't be easily replaced. Joel Pryzbilla can take up some of the slack leaving Dante and LA to switch off throughout the night. Pryzbilla is definetly the toughest Blazer on the floor and his intensity on defense is awesome. However, we must face the fact that he is not a leaper like Marcus and that will lead to some problems with regard to blocked shots and rebounding. Without Camby in there, LA will have to slide over to defend the opposing centers with Dante coming off the bench to give him a break. LA is a lot quicker than most NBA centers and can definitely out score them. I worry that he will play even more minutes exposing him to a potential injury. Dante is a valiant warrior and does a good job in relief against much taller and heavier players. However, he is no match for players like Blake Griffin, Brooks Lopez, and centers of that size.

I definitely agree with the feeling that we should not trade Batum unless it is such a golden deal that would only come along once in a lifetime. Batum is a young developing player with nothing but upside for the future. He already draws the toughest defensive assignments every night and has held his own against elite players. He is highly athletic and can really get up in the air. With Camby out, Nate should work with him to get in better position for rebounding. Andre Miller is a great teamate and full of expertise for these young players development. While Patty and the second team are explosive, Andre kind of settles things down when they get sloppy. I like his steady hand and his foul shooting has been the difference on many nights at the end of games. The team should not trade away this veteran for short term gains.

Mathews has been one of the best pickups made by this team. He is the real deal and has taken up the slack with Roy out. His play along with side LA has been the bright spot during games. Changing the tempo to a style that is more attuned to Rudy's style has made the games extremely entertaining. It takes me back to the days when Portland had a wicked transitional combination with Clyde, Terry, and Jerome on the floor. Please Nate more of this and not the old walk it up half court stuff.

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  1. LaMarcus is a titan, but I worry that we may ask him to carry too much. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed it will not come to that!!

    by occassia on 1/19/2011 4:08 PM
  2. this definitely presents cho with a dilema as to what to do to fill the void of Marcus in the middle; Joel's not durable enough, Marks has been used sparingly, DC is undersized, and too much LA could hurt him at the end of the season.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/19/2011 5:19 PM
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It is huge to see our guys "standing up" against teams like the Clippers that have been playing extremely well. I read the column by Canzano (Friday) and couldn't help but think about the poker game he identified. Another important aspect that was in his column is the healing time that Camby needs. There is a reason that Camby is still able to play at a very effective level at his age of 37. He hasn't rushed back into the fray until his body heals. Fans need to remember, as much as it hurts our team's winning prospect to lose a guy that is arguably at the top of his game now, he will need to heal properly and return on his own time frame. These players that we all love will retire from the game someday and we should all pray that they come out of the game with the use of their bodies intact and as pain free as possible so they and their families can enjoy life after basketball.

    The part that is encouraging is seeing our guys find ways to win. That has been missing to large extent this year. That scrappy somewhat frantic play has yeilded what I conside exciting, entertaining, and highly competitive basketball.

    Lets Go Blazers

    by bigblazerfan101 on 1/21/2011 2:27 PM
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