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Jan 18

Fan Points

By Justin.Molter Posted in: internjustin
This post should get me to the next level haha

The fan points are fun, I was just spending sometime exploring all the points and how you get them and creating a blog post just so happens to be one of them. I am coming after you leaders! Kassandra and Darren, I see you bringing in those points haha keep up the good work!

We need to get some more ways to earn points so I can catch up =P


  1. And you need to share your tips with me!

    by occassia on 1/18/2011 2:02 PM
  2. haha well a good place to start is this points page, http://www.iamatrailblazersfan.com/Home/FanPointStanding/tabid/73/Default.aspx tells you what different things you need to do to earn points! Start blogging occassia!

    by Justin.Molter on 1/18/2011 2:33 PM
  3. just bring it/ i'm ready. p.s. i just earned another 30 pts from rating and commenting on this blog so big thanks pal.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/18/2011 4:17 PM
  4. What, you missed my earlier blogs??

    by occassia on 1/18/2011 7:19 PM
  5. I saw them! The three of them keke (at least that showed up) but there haven't been any recent ones for the past few weeks got to blog blog blog =)

    by Justin.Molter on 1/19/2011 2:51 PM
  6. OK, so what do you get for fan points? Aside from the thrill of competition, what's the payoff? What is the target # of points? And IS there a next level?

    by occassia on 1/23/2011 1:41 PM
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