Jan 12

Half-court Dud

By blazerdarren77
 So much for making it on ESPN (or any other highlight reel for that matter) Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to make a shot from 1/2 court and win a Toyota vehicle (I landed on the Sienna)  I get instructions on how it will go when I walk on the court. I keep getting the advice, "don't go short" (or something like that) Thanks! Might as well tell me don't look down or any other cliche' that jinxes a person. I go out, spin the wheel, Blaze is hyping me up, I get the ball, I shoot... short and to the left. AAAAIIIIIRRRRRBAAALLLLL! No car for me. No goggles from me. Bummer. Oh well, it was fun though. Watched the game from great seats. It was a good game (til it went to OT) A wonderful experience indeed. 
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  1. bummer shot for sure

    by RedRudy5 on 1/14/2011 11:39 AM
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