Jan 11

outside of the blazers ...

By Kassandra
i'm going to take a moment to talk a bit about college football.

oregon had a great season and put themselves in position to win the national championship game at the end, but just couldn't withstand one more drive by auburn. ducks' fans should be pleased with the season ... and hungry for the next.

as a stanford cardinal, that's the approach of our team and most of our students (whom, by the way, were rooting for the ducks -- pac-10 power!).

oregon and stanford ended with identical 12-1 records this year, but that cardinal loss to the ducks will continually nag at us!

now, the truth of the matter is, stanford could have mauled auburn had it been its turn to play for the champtionship. however, that's not my intention here.

we have the nation's best quarterback (yes, Andrew Luck IS better than Cam Newton) returning, and oregon has the nation's best running back returning (along with its quarterback). i'm greatly looking forward to the two teams challenging for the top of the pac-10 next year.

and i'm glad the head-to-head matchup is in palo alto!

~ Kassandra
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