Jan 10

close, but not enough

By Kassandra

so, miami's big three came into town tonight and escaped with a 107-100 win over the home team.

you could say that it was just that -- the big three. outside of James, Wade and Bosh, the rest of the heat team scored a scant 11 points. 

after losing a seven-point lead with just under two minutes left, the blazers had a chance to tie. Andre took the inbounds pass and attempted the last shot. he missed, snagged the loose rebound and missed again. it's a wonder to me why he didn't get the ball to LaMarcus (our go-to-guy) or someone else instead of going solo. perhaps we would have gotten a better attempt. 

in overtime, the heat scored 14 points while missing only two shots. we let them get to the rim too many times and that really hurt us.

LaMarcus led us with 31 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists, two steals and blocked shot. Nicolas scored 20 of his 22 points through the first three quarters, Patty contributed 11 of his 13 in the fourth quarter, and Wesley suffered through a 6-19 shooting performance to net 14 points. Marcus matched LaMarcus with 14 rebounds of his own.

the blazers fought hard throughout and if any one thing would have gone differently we might be talking about a blazer win here. unfortunately, we are not. we have to take the positives of this game and apply them to the next. then, we may be talking about a win.

~ Kassandra


  1. It really was the big 3 show...the blazers had everything going right until the end...The last shot was a bad play call... need to still work on closing out games...Good Post!

    by David Harrison on 1/10/2011 3:27 PM
  2. Well, not long ago we were losing to the nets and wizards. So to come back from all that and take the best team in the NBA to an overtime says a lot about how far the blazers have come. I'm almost as pleased now than if the blazers had actually won.

    by beover on 1/10/2011 4:22 PM
  3. Miller had two good shots and a veteran player can hit that type of shot, but he came in off the bench where he was cold and it showed.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/10/2011 10:32 PM
  4. @sholesdw58533 Yes, but Miller also is not a very good shooter, I'm not so sure being cold was the problem. I think he has no business putting it at the rim unless he's under the basket.

    Such a flat shot! any way, the no-call on James' double-dribble could've kept us winning. But you have to make your shots down the stretch, the Heat did. It was a very good effort by our team! I love these guys! Always playing with heart!

    by Prophet21 on 1/11/2011 3:59 PM
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