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Jan 08

A Yule Log Of Wisdom

By Veronica
This past Christmas in my sister's home was the first time she put up a tree. It was the cutest Charlie Brown sized tree you've ever seen : ) We were so proud of this tree that when it came time to dispose of it my sister Roberta thought it would be fun to use it for firewood and let it light up our living room one more time....BIG MISTAKE!! She almost burned the house down! I was napping and none of our smoke detectors went off so we were very fortunate Roberta responded they way she did. Our tree exploded in the fireplace, caught our living room chairs on fire, burnt up the floor and our front mantle leaving behind a trail of pine needles and ashes in it's wake. We were able to put it all out before the fire department arrived. They were very quick to respond and so kind as they assessed the damage and trained us on fire safety. 

Here are a few of the things we learned:

1. Christmas trees are highly flammable!! 
2. Test all smoke detectors regularly.
3. Wet blankets really do work.
4. Potted plants don't like extreme heat.
5. Firemen and women have a great sense of humor =)

No one was injured and our home is still standing so it's all well that ends well!

Be careful what you set on might blow up!
Fire Chief V

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