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Jan 04

Episode 4 My first Tweet Up

By Justin.Molter Posted in: internjustin

Tweet Up? I had no idea what a Tweet Up was when I first heard the term; I thought it had something to do with sending out mass amounts of Tweets to bog down Twitters server. Then I heard you can win free stuff, so I had to check it out for myself. After many guesses of what a Tweet Up was I finally came up with a definition of my own which is; a social media gathering bringing facebook and twitter users together to interact in person. This was great; Jerome Kersey was there and I was able to meet some of the people that I usually chat with during some of the live shows and during the games. I also met some of the Blazers Ladies Club, which is a group formed completely from social media! They also had various forms of pop culture trivia as well as Blazer trivia to win prizes. I had a blast at my first Tweet Up and I hope more and more people continue to go was a great way to meet the Blazers fans in your area.

For a better visual perspective a made Episode 4 on the Tweet Up so hopefully most of you out there can get a better idea of what a Tweet Up is and will show up at the next one!

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