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Jan 03

Re-Sign Oden?

By David Harrison
    As the news broke out that Oden was going to be done AGAIN for the season at first I was like get rid of him as I'm sure most of us were but then after further evaluating his situation, i now think and believe that the Blazers should Re-sign him to a deal bigger than a rookie deal but not much bigger and only for maybe 2 years just so he feels like we are really behind him. I say all this because when Oden was on the floor and he was playing to his strengths...he was dominating. The doctors said his knee from the first surgery is stronger than ever and its possible this other one will be to. So i ask... Sign him or cut the loss from the unfortunate injurys he has suffered? Do we take the chance he leaves and we watch another player go to a different team and blossom into a dynamic player. KEEP ODEN IN PORTLAND.


  1. that would be a high risk/high reward move, could also be a crapshoot.

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/3/2011 10:51 PM
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