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Jan 02

Patty Mills....

By David Harrison
As the game versus the Rockets got to the half i founf myself watching the TV Broadcast from Houston just to see what they would be talking about... Of course they love them some LA because of the Texas background but they sounded as if the Blazers should not be in the game with the Rockets because Patty Mills should not be able to score on Aaron Brooks and the Rockets defense. Then the second have began and all Blazers Hell broke loose on the Rocket Defense as the Blazers seemily did what ever they wanted...To the other teams in the NBA, let this be a lesson as the season continues to unfold, just becauser the Blazers have loss Brandon Roy and Oden and some other key people off and on does not mean the Blazers dont have talent. Patty Mills has been playing out his back side as well as the other players on the team. Like last year teams in the league seem to over look the depth the Blazers have assembled in the last few years and all the stress and pressure put on players to step up have now become second nature to them all. This team has heart and is deep. This up tempo style of play has benefited the team and will continue to do so barring we dont have 2-3 more players go down. We might never see what might have been with Roy,Oden and LA but we still have a great nucleus of players and still have a chance to make some noise!
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  1. And noise they are making

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/2/2011 11:22 PM
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