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Dec 31

Kicking Off The New Year

By Veronica
Last year as a team we kicked off the new year with a mini training camp to gear up for the second half of the season. We learned 10 new routines and got a chance to see how other dance teams in the NBA do things at a Clippers game. For fun we rode roller coasters at Six Flags and made it on the Price Is Right! It's a fun get away with the girls and helps us grow stronger as a team and as performers. In a few days the Blazer Dancers are headed down to L.A. for a new working vacation =) We'll be learning new routines from some of the best choreographers in the NBA and catch-up with the Clippers Spirit Dancers at the Staples Center. We can't wait to come back and show off our new moves ; ) 2010 was an amazing year and I'm so excited to see what 2011 has in store!

Ready, Set, Go!!!!!
~ Veronica

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