Dec 30

January Gem

By blazerdarren77
During the month of December, the Blazers held serve at home and got a couple of impressive road wins (Phx and Utah) but they could've done better against teams they were supposed to win early in the month. That said, a 9-7 record is nice, given their roster situation.

Now January is here. They have 9 games at home and only 5 on the road for the month. With winter bringing an arctic chill, don't be surprised to see the team heat up. Their only "challenging" games will be at Dallas and at Houston. They start the month off at home against the Rockets, then go on the road to those two cities. Their other two tough games are Miami and Boston, but they're both at home. I would mention their game at Phx, but they have been impressive against the Suns. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Phx shows up for that game.

So if the Blazers are going to make a run, this month is the perfect month to make their move. Long live Blazermania!
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