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Dec 21

Feliz Navidad

By Veronica
December is a bittersweet month for me and my family. My parents respective careers took us all over the world so they loved spending time with family during the holidays. Some of my fondest family memories center around Christmas = ) My dad passed away December 3rd, 1999 so during the holiday season we like to include some of the things my dad liked to do. We used to string popcorn garlands for our tree and tie ribbon on butterscotch candies to hang as ornaments. He loved to set up a Nativity Scene and we'd listen to Boney M Christmas music 24/7! Both my parents come from large families. My mom is number 10 of 11 from Cascade, VA and my dad the oldest of 9 from the island of Barbados. That's a lot of ground to cover so this year thanks to technology we as a family will get to be in multiple places at once! We'll be heading to Reno to spend Christmas with my Uncle Otis and his family. From there we'll use Skype to visit with my family in the islands and also see the family in Virginia! We'll have Feliz Navidad by Boney M playing on the stereo and eat butterscotch which is still one of my favorite candies but most importantly we'll be together. I wish our team, staff and fans safe travels and whatever your family traditions are around this time may they build memories to last a lifetime. 

Feliz Navidad!
~ V


  1. Veronica, great pic!

    by chrislatt on 12/23/2010 11:16 AM
  2. Thanks! I hope you had a great holiday =)

    by Veronica on 12/28/2010 8:12 PM
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