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Dec 20

ALDRIDGE's got your back

By blazersisthebest
Since the epic story of Brandon Roy and his knees. Aldridge has been playing spectacular. He is now turning to be a double-double machine. 

For the last 4 games he has produced 35 against Dallas. 36 and 10 against Minnesota. 15 and 11 against Golden State. 29 and 19 against the Bucks. Those are all-star numbers. He has been great and carried the team all the way.

Brandon Roy  is always great, but Aldridge, now shines brighter than him. Brandon Roy has a sore left knee. He has been side-lined for quite sometime now. Since then Aldridge has taken center stage and carried the team almost by himself.

Of course, he needs someone to support him to win games. That someone is Rudy Fernandez. He, together with Aldridge, has produced a lot for the team. But, still Aldridge carries almost everything. Rudy is just there to support him if the load is too much for him.

Brandon Roy is the Portland's franchise player, is he ready to hand over the throne to LaMarcus? We all know that the Aldridge and Roy one two punch is the main weapon of the blazers. But if Roy's knees are gonna give-up on him, it won't take a while and  its gonna be Aldridge and Rudy. Or for worse its just Aldridge. If that happens, it would be hard for the Blazers to be a contender in the west. Well. let's just hope that LaMarcus can carry the team all the way to the playoffs.

One word can only describe Aldridge, that is SPECTACULAR. Is the league ready for Aldridge's brilliance on the court? Are they ready to introduce Aldridge as an all-star? Let's all hope for the best. GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!


  1. Nice blog, I will have to say it seems that LA is perfectly fine with carrying this team and Rudy has finally seemed to step up and play to the expectations we have had for him. Don't forget how much Matthews has stepped up to fill the shoes of Brandon. Matthews, since entering the starting lineup has really produced some consistent numbers, as well as giving the team a much needed energy boost at key times. Dre has also been there to carry this team since Brandon has been in and out of the lineup. Miller is one of the best ally opp passers in the NBA so it is not surprising that LA and him have hooked up quite a few times over the past three weeks. While LA and Rudy are grabbing the spotlight right now, as they deserve, we cannot forget about the players that have been very consistent and are involved in every win we have had the past 3 games. GO BLAZERS!

    by Kraydayz on 12/21/2010 8:29 AM
  2. what about wes matthews, I think he takes the heat off lamarcus so teams must play them both one on one rather the doubling either of them. the two of them are my favorite 2 blazers at the moment.

    by mbmurr1 on 12/21/2010 1:42 PM
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