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Dec 20

Rudy and LA the new "Montana to Rice"

By Kraydayz Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, Bucks, Blazers, RudyFernandez
What a performance from LA tonight 29 and 19, almost a 30/20. The Blazers looked great tonight and really comfortable in their positions. Rudy has 7 assist and hooked up with LA at least 4 of those times. Another jump start persormance for Wesley; great first quarter with 13 points and three 3-pointers in a row. I have said it since the first game of the season, I am stoked in Wesley and we are lucky to have him. Rudy and LA have been on the same page for the whole season, but have really stepped it up in the last three weeks, Rudy being a big part of the reason that LA is number three in dunks in the NBA. Great game and a much needed confidence booster for the team heading into this road trip. Go Blazers and keep up the great teamwork!


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