Dec 16

Bucky the Great

By blazerdarren77
I had just watched today's episode of "Up and Adam" on and I see as Adam's guest is none other than former Blazer exec. Bucky Buckwalter. Watching this interview really gave me goosebumps. It made me realize how lucky we were to have such a wonderful guy to run this franchise back in the day. 

To me, there will never be another executive like him. Period. He was, and still is, the greatest player personell ever to run the Blazers, and it's not even close. His personality and style typified what a trailblazer should be.
He was the first to do many things in scouting potential players in becoming NBA players, drafting a player out of high school(Moses Malone; of course he joined the ABA first) going overseas to check out talent in other countries(Sabonis, Petrovich)  You can watch and listen to his stories on the site.

He also shed some light on the current roster as well. Just like the growth and development of Drexler, Porter, and Kersey, this roster still has to develop and grow, especially with Batum and Matthews still young in their growth. It's going to take time. So thank you, Bucky for that insight.

I know one thing for sure, anytime I see or hear that Bucky Buckwalter is going to be a guest, I'm there. I can just listen to his stories all day and never be bored of the wisdom of Bucky the Great.
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