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Dec 15

Christmas in Cali

By CaMicha
 Hi all! I like many others are counting down the days until Christmas! Christmas for me is a special time of the year.  If you don't already know I am not originally from Portland.  I was born and raised in San Jose, CA where all of my family still reside. There are 5 people in my family including myself.  My mom Cay and my dad Michael (which is how I got my name) Ca (from my mom Cay) and Micha (from my dad Michael) and yes the "M" in the middle of my name is captial :) and I also have 2 amazing big brothers Jafar, and Kerel.  I am the only girl and the baby of the family! We are a very close knit family even though I don't still live in Cali I talk to my mom everyday! I am a momma's girl and I am proud of it. 
  Although I am sad that there will be no Christmas game in the Rose Garden this year I am excited to be able to spend an entire week at home.  The Blazers will actually being playing the Warriors on Christmas day which is not far from where I will be.  I am trying to get us all tickets to the game so that we can keep the Blazer spirit going in the bay area.  While my dad and brother are Warrior fans I will be making them cheer for the Blazers :)  I don't have the opportunity to fly home a lot which makes me sad so I will be enjoying each and every minute that I get with them all. For those of you who are like me and maybe miles or thousands of miles from your family you understand how special time with your loved ones is!
 I will be taking and posting lots of pictures from my visit home! Can't wait to make sugar cookies with my niece and nephews, and to have my mom show me up on Rock Band.....she is awesome :) Hope that you all have a great Holiday and I will see you all at the game on the 30th!
Go Blazers!!!!
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  1. I hope your Christmas was a lot of fun.

    by mbmurr1 on 1/26/2011 3:22 PM
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