Dec 14

The Art of Free Throws

By blazerdarren77
YOU GOT TO MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS! Who of us could ever forget this famous phrase from legendary broadcaster Bill Shonely? Granted, we live in age of highlight reels that feature alley-oops and monstrous dunks that attract the sports enthusiasts. Taken a back seat has been the decline of free throw shooting. These days, the only time you ever see a free throw highlight is when the player misses the one that cost the team the game.

Now it has even carried over to the broadcast area. During a players' trip to the charity stripe, it gives the analyst the chance to comment about the series of events that just occured and all you hear is the play-by- play guy say if they made or missed the shot(s).

I love our broadcast team of Brian Wheeler and Antonio Harvey, but I can recall that the Shonz took pride in calling in detail the moment when a player would make his free throw attempts.

Can you recall these comments?:

"He bends...he sights...he fires... he _______ "

(my favorite) "The's's in the air...IT'S IN THE BUCKET! IT'S GOOD!!

The way Shonz would call the shots, you knew if it was important to him, it should be important to the players and as fans, we knew how important that every free throw mattered. It was then, as it is now, the difference whether the Blazers won or lost.
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