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Dec 13

Hey now you're an All-Star!

By Veronica
So I had a very interactive dream about my NBA All Star debut and you can trust it was fabulous! The players wore these awesome sparkle jerseys with pinstripe shorts and coordinating sneakers. My sneakers were rhinestoned high tops with glitter laces and I had cute knee high socks, mismatched for added luck! I dreamed that I was an XSPF (Extra Small Power Forward) for the Trail Blazers of course and I checked into the game as the crowd roared their approval. It was the fourth quarter and obviously I would make the game winning shot! Needless to say when I woke up I was pumped about my mad skills so this weekend I decided to go to the gym and show off my well hidden talents. I'm really not good at all!!! I ran my little "Coach Carter" inspired drills to warm up and then started shooting some serious hoops. It's a lot harder to dribble and run than it looks let me tell you! When I could stand still my shooting was pretty good and I had one ESPN worthy dunk! Well... it could have made ESPN if I hadn't needed a boost to reach the rim but all in all at 5'4 any dunk assisted or otherwise is impressive ;) I wasn't quite the MVP I dreamed I was but we had a lot of fun and it reminded  me of how much skill and talent it takes to play the game well. It's so much fun to watch our team play and to know we've got some of the best players in the NBA! I'll leave the playing to the professionals and stick to what I do best....adding some sparkle to every home game with my awesome teammates in our sparkly tops and rhinestoned sneakers =)

See you from center court!
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  1. Veronica! What a fun dream to have! Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, what our team does is harder than it looks, but that is why they put all that time and effort, just as you ladies (looking beautiful in the picture by the way) put the time and effort into your routines! No way I could do any of the moves you girls do - I'm waaaay out of shape for that stuff! hehe.

    by Anees on 12/14/2010 8:06 AM
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