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Dec 07

questions need to be answered

By jamie (guy)
this team has anlot of questions that needs answer, with joel back and patty backign up andre, it kinda answered the questions for the bigs and smalls, but to bring it out west, i still feel we need a point guard stronger then andre, andre seems to be a good back up to a better point gaurd, he has to many limits, his range is big limit as he can only hit threes when wide open, his drives are great but needs foul to bail him out as he can not finish as strong as some may say, blazers spent so much time talkign abotu cp3 when you shoudl have just gone for his back up, collison woudl have been less costly and just abotu the preduction, tho i am glad pacers went after him cuz they finally got there point for the future, i woudl have loved to see blake back in a jersey cuz what he brougth what the daggers (threes in clutch) and the spread of the ball, even if he backed up andre, he knew this team he knew how to lead this team, and now i find him a trader goign to the lakers... travis too big of a contract... josh smith from alt, iggyf rom philly, rip form detroit, will cho go after someone or will cho CHOke...................
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