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Dec 06

Starting a Petition for Andre!

By Kraydayz Posted in: Blazers, AndreMiller
OK, Technical foul on Stu Jackson and all the idiots involved in this decision. I have said it before and I will say it again, who the hell does the NBA think Blake Dumba!# Griffin is. This guy is 20 games into his NBA career and is being treated better then Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant combined. You are going to tell me your going to eject a veteran player like Miller for something that a Rookie deserved, what happened to earning your calls in the NBA. Man this is seriously one of those things that makes me question my support for the NBA. Come on this crap wouldn't even of been questioned 20 years ago.

Can we start some kind of petition for Andre and his streak, this is one of the most Jack-wagon calls I have ever seen the NBA make. I want as many post on this as possible, then I am sending it to the NBA, as well as calling this B.S. RiuiningĀ  veterans streak for some 20 game rookie that was doing his fair share of pushing and shoving. I don't see BG getting suspended for ducking his head and running down our guys! Complete BS!!!!!
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