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Apr 13

Um, notice to Ric Bucher.

By Richard Ackerman Posted in: GregOden, TravisOutlaw, Thunder
So by now everyone's heard about the story that ESPN's Ric Bucher wrote a little while ago, saying how he believes the Thunder have a better upside and we'll be a better team in 2-3 years that our own Blazers. All I know is if this team stays together for the next 2-3 years, I don't see OKC, or anyone for that matter, messing with us if we keep playing this well. Now I know it was just the Thunder, but they had a little to play for. Everyone loves to be the spoiler. Plus do you really think Durant likes going 5 of 15 against the team that didn't draft him? I mean I enjoy it when he does, especially when Oden has a nice game like he had (16 points, 9 boards in 20 minutes). Shout out to Travis as well, 21 points and filling in admirably on short notice for a sick Nicolas Batum.

Overall it was a business as usual game. The Blazers came in knowing the objective; jump on them early, don't let them feel like they're an NBA team (cause they barely are), get a big lead to get people rested and finish them off. I'd say that's pretty much how it happened. We were up by 14 after one, had them doubled up at halftime 62-31, and cruised to a victory with the 4th quarter almost exclusively scrub time. Brandon only played 22 minutes, LaMarcus 24, and Joel 21. That's a very nice thing at this time of the season.

Hopefully that rest will come in handy on Wednesday when we face the Nuggets. If we win that we win homecourt advantage, so let's win that. With any luck the Nuggets will be resting their starters because they already have the division locked up, although it would be nice to beat them at full strength right before the playoffs as another confirmation that we belong here. GO BLAZERS!!!


  1. Yeahhhhh...screw Ric Bucher...what an idiotic story...I am so glad that we beat his darling Thunder by 30 points twice in a row...He should write a retraction on the grounds of being drunk when he wrote the original.Besides the obvious slight to Brandon the article has no basis in fact...Our team is much deeper and better from A-Z even (especially) regarding the next several years...(the poster formerly known as Ron Hurlburt)

    by blazer crazy on 4/14/2009 11:55 AM
  2. As far as I'm concerned they are a good team but no way Durant is all they have. No vet's besides Durant no up and coming stars, Greene is too small for his position and cant deal with LA he gets tore up. They are more like a young ATL Hawks but no chance at the ship with the team they are building. On top of that Bucher is an idiot and im glad we proved him wrong.

    by zkatz24 on 4/15/2009 2:10 PM
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