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Dec 05

recent losing streak

By teresa galer

I want to first state this first before I talk about the recnet losing streak...I want the players to look at that photo on the silo in front of the rose garden their hands are united.  They need to remember unity and uniting more under adversity not be seperate.  Last time I looked basketball is a team sport not a individual sport.  adversity wether in sport or life shows your true character do you fold or do battle?  This is what the players need to figure out fold or battle?  The choice is theirs.  As fans we can support  them but they have to be the ones to decide to go out and play with everything they have and hope for a good outcome...I will support this team no matter what I am a true fan not a bandwagon fan. 

Now on to my thoughts on this losing streak...where do I start?  I will more then likely rehash things that have already been discussed on forums, chat rooms, the media etc etc..

first they are playing shortlanded.  yes the good old injury bug hit hard and fast this season...first with pendergraph and others right behind.  then the let down of a new injury to a center we wanted back this year.  that was gut wrenching as a fan I cannot imagine how the players felt....or how greg felt for that matter. I know devastation been there and that is part of living on this planet. you will have good things happen and really bad things happen.  live long enough here on this earth you will experience something really devastating...such as an unexpected illness that is not curable with time or a loved one suddenly dying...need i go on?  I think there was high hopes with this team from a fans point of view as well as the players they had high hopes and some things happened beyond our control that is enough to get anyone down and then your expected to go out and perform. 

second thing as to why the losing streak?  I think the schedule has been pretty tough...nuff said. 

third...this is where I hate saying this but I thnk the players for whatever reason have quit responding to coach nate.  I like him as a person and a coach...but I am wondering if it is time to refigure out who is best at coaching this young team...I am not saying this is all the coaches fault.  I have always defended the coach but now I am beginnig to wonder if something is really askew with this bunch of guys and the coach...just wondering.  who would be good for this team I am thinking maybe terry porter but not totally sure on this one as I happen to like terry porter but would these players listen to him I dont know.  the nba is so differnt now where players dont always neccessarily respect or listen to coaching staff anymore due to various things such as sudeen fame and moeny without proving yourself.  I think the old days need to come back but I dont see that happening again....hmmm sorry I digressed...

fourth  we made some trades that might have messed up chemistry...i miss certain players and get at the time why but now I am like thnking did we make our team better not really. now we have to develop players again...hopefully we can get some veteran players in that will be that one missing piece such as how buck williams was to the 90 team.  He was key  we do not have that player yet. 
I am not talking this seasons trade I am going back to some trades we made last season...I questioned it back then but now...still hmmm

fifth the whole new coaching staff, new gm  i know what it is like to have changes happen in the work place...the company i worked for years and still do was sold to another company  new people in.  am i performing the same? nope as I work as it is a job but the caring and feeling you had as an employee you dont feel valued. so why make the effort you do enough to where you dont get fired but you kind of slack a tad.  wondering if that is what is going on?  just sayin  these are my opinions no one elses.

I will support this team love this team but there needs to be changes made to help this young group of men...they are great outstanding young men and love the fact we have a great group of guys...things went wrong too soon and that is sad...

I know this having sat thru many many losing seasons with the oregon ducks what it is like to have hopes set and dashed.  I stuck with them and maybe the blazers could learn something from the u of o football program.  the ducks were the joke of the football world espec the hard pac ten.  but changes were made in coaches, money was brought in for better facilities etc  then they brought in players who could play thru good recruiting...the rest is history....maybe some of this could happnen with our pro team here in portland....


  1. TG, I share many of your sentiments... and have also blogged accordingly. ;-)

    by occassia on 12/5/2010 12:21 PM
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