Dec 04

Are We Really Small Market in the NBA? Part 2

By blazerdarren77
In part1, I mentioned the top stars in the NBA & how the city they play in compares to Portland. I mentioned Kobe, LeBron, Durant, and Howard. Interesting fact; only Kobe is in a bigger city by population (c'mon, it's LA)

Looking at the top 50 U.S. cities, 17 NBA teams have a larger "market" than Portland, 7 teams have a smaller "market" than Portland. Interesting to point out, 4 NBA teams didn't crack the top 50: Hornets(53), Nets(68), Magic(80), and Jazz(127). Toronto isn't listed because it's in Canada, so I looked at the top cities in Canada and although they're the top city in Canada, they would rank 4th in the NBA behind NY, LA, and Chicago.

So based on what I found according to population, Portland is 19th out of 30(counting Toronto), so technically the Blazers are a small market team, but so should the Thunder, Heat, Hornets, Magic, and Jazz. Are there any superstars on those teams? Of course there are.

The label of a small market team is up to each ones' perception. 
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