Dec 03

What Do We Do?

By blazerdarren77
There's a glass of Blazer water. It's half-full of water; or is it half-empty? What do we do? We can't drink it- we can't fill it up; we can only look at it. What do we do?

At first it was full of promise and optimism. What do we do? Wins filled up the season. Victory tasted sweet. What do we do?

A loss spilled out a time or two, but another win cleaned up the mess. What do we do?

More losses were spilling; the victory towel couldn't clean up enough. What do we do?

Then a heartbreaking surgical announcement spilled over. What do we do?

Another win fills up a little hope. What do we do?

Now a losing streak pours to the floor. What do we do?

Do we hope someone picks it up, hoping wins fill up or do we lose hope thinking the glass will break? What do we do?

How do you see it? What are YOU going to do?  


  1. We keep believing and soon the tide will turn! Go Blazers!!

    by RedRudy5 on 12/4/2010 11:12 AM
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