Dec 01

Are We Really Small Market in the NBA? Part 1

By blazerdarren77
  It crack s me up when I hear that we don't get any love because we live in a small NBA market. But what do the facts reveal about the city of Portland, and how do they really compare to the other teams in so called larger markets? I went to and this is what I found:

  Granted, cities like LA, Chicago, New York are major markets; that's a given. They're the top 3 cities of all major pro sports(except football, unless you want to count USC)

  Let's talk superstars and the cities they play in

  Lebron James- Miami: Miami is ranked 42nd of the top 50 cities in terms of population. Portland is #30(remember that number) Portland could have been able to try to get him to come to the Rose City. After all, Paul Allen would have been able to pay the money to get him to come play for the Blazers. His main endorsement, Nike, is just down the road in Beaverton. So why did the self-professed king choose South Florida?
 One thing, he has 2 buddies in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Even though they deny it, rumor has it that they were planning this all along during their time together at the 2008 Olympics. Another theory is that there is no state tax in Florida. Tiger Woods has a home there as well. Finally the weather. anytime you have a choice of living in place where weather is a factor, the warmer climate usually wins.

  Kobe Bryant- LA Lakers: No need to make any points here; he was consider going to the Clippers at one point in his life.

  Dwight Howard- Orlando: Orlando doesn't even crack the top 50, but again, no state tax and weather play a major factor. Plus Disneyworld is in his backyard.

  Kevin Durant- Oklahoma City: This I found interesting. Seattle(remember the Sonics?) is #23, 7 ahead of Portland. OKC is #31, 1 behind Portland. I'm not getting into the Oden v. Durant debate(I believe if Seattle won the lottery, they would've went with Durant anyway) He's an aggressive player who's talent gets better each year. He's going to get those calls no matter where he would have ended up playing. He also has the luxury of having an improving point guard who can get him the ball in the right spot.

  There's other players as well that get more recognition than Brandon Roy, who's a great player now, when he's healthy. But I'm going to get into teams and see how they really compare to Portland. That will be my subject in part 2 of my blog. 


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