Nov 30

Thorny Times In Winter = Rosy Look In Spring

By blazerdarren77
Do you have a rose garden? If so, are there roses in full bloom? Not likely. You see them all withered and more thorns visible. It's not until spring that they start to bloom and grow into a wonderful sight.

The Blazers are, in effect, going through a stretch that is very thorny with no roses to admire at.

Their schedule has started off very difficult;  3 four game road trips, 16 out of 25 games away from home. I don't care who you are- any team that starts out like that is going to have a challenge.

Then there's the challenge of getting to learn to play with one another; new faces, new roles, injuries and illnesses- these cannot be fixed quickly; they take time.

 Finally, there's the flow of production; in almost every game they have had at least 1 sub 20 point quarter, many of them have come in the 4th. They have become inconsistent in every game, even the ones they win. So far, I haven't seen a dominant game from start to finish.

But, like a rose that transforms from winter to spring, the outlook on the team is very promising.

Starting in January, they have 27 games at home. I only see one moment where they go on a road trip, come home for one game, then go back on the road. Other than that, they play at least two games between road trips and there is only one 4 game road trip. They even have a five game home stand.

As fans, we might not be smelling play-off dreams, but spring is just around the corner and then we can smell the sweet aroma of a first round play-off advance.


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