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Nov 27

Call Me Coach V ;)

By Veronica
This summer I got the opportunity to whip a local dance team into shape with MTV's MADE. Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, OR is home to the Radiance Dance Team and it was my job to help them sparkle! I had my work cut out for me as their coach. I had to transition this group of shy and quiet young women into a team of dancers that shine on stage and could walk their school hallways with confidence in 6 short weeks. Some lessons are harder to learn than others as you'll see on the show but sometimes tough love is the best love. Just like any other sports team to get respect you have to earn it by putting in the time, sweat and a few tears. I've done the most growth as a woman on the dance floor. In high school as a dancer I really learned how to problem solve, work with others, articulate  and present myself with confidence and poise. My dance training was very disciplined but that structure has enhanced how I function in many areas of my life. Watch our journey this December 5th at 1pm and see if we can really shine on dance floor. 

5, 6, 7, 8!
Coach V
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