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Nov 22

Cho needs to make a move

By CharmCityBLA7ER

We need to add to our team to get better if our team gets better and we add players that naturally help a winning style of basketball we will be better

In 2011 draft we need to draft Kemba Walker pg out of UConn if we dont get a pg by next yr

Kemba has the more polished offense, handle, mid range, and etiquette when utilizing the pick in the half court. Outside of John Wall, Rose, Westbrook,Rondo, and CP3 i dont see anyone standing a chance of keeping this kid in front of him. Good leadership and ability to lead and impact play of entire team on offense.

Armon has better defense, ball protection, and more ability to finish through contact. Armon has more impact on defensive intensity of team and will grow offensively.

Hence our pg dilemma erased.

I think we should goto the sixers and ask for the availability of either Andre Igoudala or Thaddeus Young preferably Young due to his low contract and the fact he is very underrated.  A lefty hybrid forward can play 3/4 adequately, strong finisher around rim not as fast laterally as Iggy but vertically can produce highlight plays of his own.

Iggy is more versatile being able to play 3 positions and guards 3 positions but at the same time Young can guard 3 positions and use his length as a help side defender.

We should ask the Kings and attempt to get Jason Thompson the team has ignored him and not given him any pt since their push for starting the Evans/Cousins era.  He can play 4/5 at 6'10/6'11 250 can play back to basket, faceup, and shoot the long ball, good passer in and out of the post.

To get Thaddeus Young we give up Rudy Fernandez and Dante Cunningham

To get Jason Thompson we give up Luke Babbit ,2nd Round pick, and draft rights to either Victor Claver or Joel Freeland whoever is doing better at the moment.

We add size, add more rebounding, and add more inside scoring with these additions.  Jump-shots dont win basketball games, easy buckets and getting to the line wins games.

Im not doutbing our current team but we have added a perfect prospect for this system at the 1 in armon and added a quality all around player in all facets of the game in Wesley but other than that have done nothing we need to add firepower in the paint.

Plus with these trade we still have 2 expiring contracts and 2 1st round picks to help foster trades in an attempt to get that pg we have been rumored to be gettn our hands on.

Heres in hopes of having

1.Armon Johnson

2.Devin Harris/Mo Williams

3.Brandon Roy

4.Wesley Matthews

5.Nicolas Batum

6.Thaddeus Young

7.Lamarcus Alderige

8.Jason Thompson

9,Marcus Camby

10.Greg Oden(2011-2012)

11.Kemba Walker(2011-2012)

12.Elliot Williams


etc(3pt shooter)


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  1. i am forever hopefully about blazers every year, but i mean you cant really be serious thinking that team will actually come about do you???? i mean really?? it would be awesome if it did, but i just can see those pieces falling into place. we are not going to make those moves, like you said though, we got some good draft picks, so lets hope its a good year in NCAA this year so as we get to pick up some great talent! no more talking about bust picks, title coming to RIP CITY real soon

    by toddney on 11/23/2010 9:04 PM
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