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Nov 22

Thanks and Giving

By Veronica

When I moved to Portland I was looking for the defining "what's next". I had finished school and was searching for that next step. A move 3000 miles from everything familiar was more like a giant leap! I love new adventures and as an explorer this last year  has taken me on an awesome journey. I have a great deal of experiences to be thankful for. Tomorrow I'm getting the opportunity to help create a great experience for others in my community. CaMicha, Rea, and I along with other members of the Trailblazers family will volunteer at the Harvest Dinner.  The Harvest Dinner is our biggest community effort where we open up the Rose Garden to the homeless and other families in great need to provide a Thanksgiving meal, free haircuts, a kids play area, dental checkups, etc. It's an opportunity to be conscious and open our hearts, resources and services to the people around us. I'm blessed to be part of something like this and to give back some of what's been given to me. I encourage each of you throughout this holiday season to recognize your many blessings and when able share your blessings with those that need them. Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Much Love and many blessings,

~ V


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