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Nov 17

Keep on Rising

By CharmCityBLA7ER
I'd like to start off with by congratulating Greg Oden on recovering from his left patella injury and his micro-fracture in his right knee.  And in the same token, tell him that although i do not know his pain and disappointment with the fate that has been bestowed upon him i empathize  with and still believe in him.  In my eyes this will only make him stronger spiritually, mentally, and reinforce him structurally in the future.  He is one of the most potential laden prospects in the history of the league and still has the ability to be the impact player that he has shown to be.  With that said even tho everyone is granted free speech and entitled to their opinion; has anyone intentionally(besides the members of Jackass) injured themselves.... i didnt believe so, no one intentionally undertakes an endeavor believed to be not in their best interest.  Please send him words of upliftment, empathy, and words of hope that he will recovery once again and Rise Again. Our motto is Rise With Us isnt it.... as fans we have been asked to Rise with the team.  In order to rise a fall must have occurred, while Greg may or may not right now be able to rise by himself if we extend hands his Rise will be a better one.

On the topic of Rising and controlling what can be controlled and leaving the rest in God's hands or in terms of the team Rich Chos hands

In regards to trades available:

I say Cho should do his best to lure either Andre Igoudala to portland in order to bolster our defense both perimeter and interior, add a walking fast break, decent distributor, and a proven player that doesnt need to be a scorer but can and that has already worked with the coach.

Rudy Fernandez,Lu


If not Iggy then i believe that Jason Thompson of the Sacremento Kings would be a welcome addition to the team.  Right now he is not getting hardly any pt since the team has been more inclined toward Demarcus Cousins.  He is 6'10-11 PF with range out to the 3 can play with his back to the basket, handle the rock better than most 4's, good passer at the 4, and would gel with LA well.

If he can do both i will fly out and shine his shoes and wash his laundry for a month in appreciation.

Also pick kemba walker in the draft. Armon and Kemba would be a devastating stable of PG's with Patty batting clean up.

Side note Kemba can penetrate as well as any point guard in the nba. Ask John Wall he schooled him last year and is only gonna get better this yr

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