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Nov 16

We May Not...

By fussell.krysta
    Blazers, the team may not have the most impressive history, a ton of championships, the most respect or the most wins, but what the team does that I absolutely love about them that keeps me watching regardless is that they are a team.  You may think "duh," but when seeing teams like the Grizzlies, Lakers, or Celtics those aren't really teams.  Yes they have matching uniforms with the same boss and coach, but they only really play for the numbers on their back.  They all lack teamwork.  
    Howoften do yu see Kobe pass the ball, really?  Seriously, don't blink you'll miss the rare occassion.  It just doesn't make sense that their are five people on the floor and yet one man thinks that only he can do it, as if the other players are their to fill the spots because you can't play with just one person on the court.  Errogance annoys me deeply, and that is all it is when those guys behave that way.  The worst part is people would rather get the championship from the bench than to play which seems unusual because that isn't why they started playing the game.
    I so appreciate that while the Blazers may not be considered by some great, but the fact that they do it together is admirable.  Watching their games you can tell that the team has a chemistry that other teams should strive for, unfortunately they just want the money, and obviously that coveted championship ring.  I'm not saying that the Blazers don't won't those things too, but you can tell it isn't number 1 on their priority list.  Now to me that seems like a breath of fresh air.


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